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Where it is safe to do so, many councils are now seeing roadside banks & verges plus other land in public ownership as an opportunity to make a vital contribution to beleaguered pollinating bees/insects, birds, small mammals whilst reintroducing stunningly beautiful indigenous wildflowers. Surrey Heath Borough Council, for example, are trialing a wildflower verge on the A30 near the Camberley Fire Station. We should do the same in Epsom & Ewell

By finding a variety of funding options and using volunteers we could control unwanted weeds and establish indigenous wildflowers.

I am raising this as a proposition at Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Full Council Meeting in 23rd July. This plan has many benefits in addition to aiding pollinating insects which are in decline at an alarming rate, such as the fact they need no or very little maintenance which of course saves money.

It is not possible to have all verges planted with wildflowers as they can grow quite large and as a result, can obscure the view of oncoming vehicles at crossing points but where it is possible I would like to see these in as many places in the borough as possible.

I think there is a strong argument to sow indigenous wild flowers on banks & verges , only cutting them at the end of the season to protect flora & fauna. What a lovely way to get to know your community, your neighbours, get people active and help towards combatting loneliness. Social prescription in action. Let’s do it here in Epsom & Ewell. 

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Plant Wildflowers on Epsom's Grass verges

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