Chalk Pit Petition

A message from Epsom Conservatives about the problem of the Chalk Pit

Most people who live close to the Chalk Pit in College Road are only too well aware of the problem being caused by the unlawful use of the site as a recycling centre. We have been involved with local residents for months trying to get this issue sorted.

There are several parts to the problem and several things that need to happen to sort this all out. Our MP Chris Grayling is putting as much pressure as possible on the Environment Agency to use their enforcement powers properly. Up to now they have been very reluctant to do so.

But a key part of the problem could be solved if Surrey County Council refuses the operator’s retrospective planning application to develop the site as a major recycling centre.

Many of you will already have lodged formal objections to this application, which is now due to be heard in January. But we are planning one final push to remind the County Councillors on the Committee about the strength of feeling here.

So please could you sign the petition and if possible also get friends and family to do the same. 

Many thanks

Best wishes

Michael Ware

College Ward Campaigner

Chalk Pit Petition

We the undersigned call on Surrey County Council to reject the application to develop the Chalk Pit site in College Road, Epsom as a major recycling centre because of the adverse dust, noise and health effects on the nearby residential area.