Julie Iles announced as Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate

Following two recent hustings, Surrey has selected Julie Iles as the Conservative Candidate for the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Julie has lived in Surrey for over 25 years and for the last ten of these has been a Surrey Magistrate. Her work has also included serving as Chairman of the South East Surrey Youth panel, as a Youth Justice advisor, and working as a committee member for Surrey Crimestoppers.

Julie says that her priorities are:

  • Making Surrey an even safer place to live
  • Getting a better deal for the taxpayer
  • Challenging a culture of complacency
  • Catching more criminals, and
  • Ensuring the justice system delivers for victims


The Commissioner will be an elected figure who will be able to decide the policing strategy and budget. They will set the local council tax precept and appoint the chief constable.They will have a broad remit to ensure community safety, with their own budgets to prevent crime and tackle drugs, but will not have day-to-day control over police officers.