Cllr Bernie Muir

County and Borough Councillor

Bernie is the Conservative County Councillor for the Epsom West county division that takes in Stamford ward and parts of Court and Town wards. In 2019 she was also elected as the Borough Councillor for Stamford ward winning the seat off the Residents' Associations. 

Bernie is a resident of Epsom, as are her adult children.  She believes that Epsom is best represented by somebody who lives in the town, and cares about local issues because it is their home.

Having lived all over the UK, Bernie has seen first hand the impact of effective planning initiatives, and has been involved in organisations that have helped communities retain their identities whilst meeting the demands of growth and creating vibrancy.  Through her work with a variety of charities, Bernie has a profound understanding of the struggles that people endure on a daily basis, and the importance of local support.

Bernie has run her own business and worked with organisations of all sizes, seeing first hand what is required to attract businesses and to encourage those businesses to engage in local initiatives. She feels strongly that Epsom is at a crucial point in its development, and we must ensure that decisions are made for the long term benefit of Epsom and the wide-ranging needs of those who live and work in our town.



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